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A close-up of a newly opened delphinium flower (Summer 2013).

Happiness Is...

Wherever, whatever, basta me and Lili (my daughter) together, that is Happiness. ~Eleanor Mordeno Aguilar

Knowing the younger sister's desire to outlay her older sister. ~Evangeline Tan

Living a meaningful life ... a life with a legacy... a life fulfilled by making a difference in the lives of other people. ~Minnie Jumamoy

When the person you hold dear holds you dearer. ~Carmelita Judith Guarin

Being in a state of continuous laughter and two kinds of ice cream. ~Samantha S. Tan

Happiness comes from knowing that whatever happens, you are all worth it. ~Julieta Sofia Cabaraban Beja

Knowing what you live for and what you will die for... ~Ingrid Daba 

When you are confident in all things that you do and it's a state of mind. 
~Estrella Lagman Gadian

Having peace of mind. ~Victoria Cabanlet

Being with family; it's a choice not a state of mind. ~Raul M. MaaƱo

Having a sense of inner peace and contentment. ~Melinda Chaves 

Finally meeting someone who makes all the pieces fall into place. ~Pat Pangantihon 

No matter how little, you notice you are making progress in something. ~Charles L. Abing 

Sunshine streaming through the window, grateful for another day! ~Amy Chaves