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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life's Magnificence

Being involved in something meaningful--be it a relationship, a career, or a community project--allows us to experience life's magnificence. Life gives to us what we give to it. And by life we mean the whole existential gamut--humankind, animal-kind, plant-kind, and the ecosystems. 

Life is so rich, pulsating with vitality, that it is impossible not to be drawn to it, either in a big or small way.  In a way, we could say that life has chosen us through our birth. But since then, and until the time we die, we inadvertently choose life.

Yet how do we choose life? Are we driven each day to work and feel less grateful to life because of workplace stress and politics? Do we feel unhappy because our relationship falls short of our expectations? Are we so sick emotionally that it is difficult to get up in the morning and greet another day?

We choose life when we are grateful. We are not here to outdo each other in material things, titles, or honors received. However, we are here to outdo each other in kindness, understanding, and love. And because we cannot live without others (parents, relatives, friends, strangers) it is important that we feel grateful to the people in our lives who have contributed to who we are and what we have become.

We choose life when we create the best for ourselves. We can choose to be mediocre but we know it is not choosing the best for us. Choosing the best for us--whether it be education, a life partner, a business--requires putting the bar higher for excellence, not perfection. When we choose the best for us, we are indirectly choosing the best for others. If it were not for Thomas Edison's desire to be his best--despite 2000 failures--there would have been no light bulb in the world today and the rest of us would still be using candles or LPG-driven lights.

We choose life when we learn to forgive. If we were to count all the people who have wronged us and the terrible things they have done to us, we will be spending the rest of our lives in misery. We should not take things personally when people hurt us otherwise we get stuck emotionally. The only way to make a clean slate is to forgive and move on. An unforgiving heart is a heavy load to carry.

What are you giving back to life?


I welcome comments and reflections from you. Share your experiences about the people you are grateful to, the goals you are striving to creating your best self, and the people you have forgiven to make your journey lighter.

I would love to post your answers here in my next article. Use the "Comments" button and write your reflections.

Until then, be blessed!

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